Kayaking In Khasab Musandam To Musandam Fjords Oman

Enjoy Kayaking in Khasab Musandam To Musandam Fjords With Musandam Dhow Tour To Telegraph And Seebi Island.

Kayaking In Khasab Musandam

Schedule Of Kayaking In Musandam Fjords

  • Option 1

Kayaking In Musandam With Fullday Dhow Cruise

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

 Reservation Required

  • Option 2

Kayaking In Musandam With Fullday Dhow Cruise

2 Timings- 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM & 1:30 AM to 5:00 PM

   Reservation Required


Khasab Musandam Kayak Specifications

  • Length 10 ft 9 in / 330 cm
  • Width 27 in / 70 cm
  • Depth 12.75 in / 33 cm
  • Weight 41 lb / 20 kg
  • Max Capacity 242 lb / 110 kg

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Details Of Kayaking In Khasab Musandam Tour With Dhow Cruise


Enjoy a mesmerizing and unforgettable movement Kayaking along Musandam Fjords and you can relax stretch your body and give a feat to the eyes by capturing many striking scenes and enjoying the pleasure to be in water. You can book Kayaking either our Musandam Half Day Dhow Cruise nor Musandam Full Day Dhow Cruise.The Schedule is related to your package.

We confirm that the kayaking location is very safe, we still give everyone a life vest, as well as a helmet because we take our guest’s safety very seriously.
Kayaking is not only a adventure but also a good workout tool. When you kayak, you work out for most of your muscles while having an exciting time on the water. Now, isn’t that a very beneficial activity?
Anyone wishing to rent a kayak should be above 18 years of age and will be required to fill a kayak rental form.

Enjoy A Khasab Musandam Overnight Stay On Dhow Cruise Wit Swimming

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