Khasab is a city in the exclave of Oman northwest of Muscat. It is the capital city of the Musandam peninsula on the coast of the Hormuz Straight between Iran, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Khasab was a city isolated from the rest of the region for long time. Only until since the contraction of the new road coming from the United Arab Emirates that Khasab itself started to develop in terms of infrastructures and and a more serious touristic interest driving companies.

Khasab offers the perfect starting point to explore the unknown Musandam Peninsula and its special and unique traditions and culture. Today you can enjoy great locations in and around the city and spend 2 or 3 days enjoying the region.

Khasab is great to spend a weekend off from Dubai or to visit on your way to Muscat taking the twice a day ferry-boat along the deserted and arid rocky coast of Musandam.

  • Muscat Ferry Boat : Muscat Ferry Boats travel every Saturday and Thursday departing at 12pm. The trip takes about 5 hours. Free wireless Internet. Lunch, snacks and beverages included in ticket price. You should get your ferry ticket in advance to assure your place on the boat. Business class: Return 85 Rials / One way 45 Rials. Tourist class: Return 44 Rials / One way 23 Rials. 


  • Fly from Muscat to Khasab (Muscat Khasab Flight):  Flights from Muscat to Khasab go daily for 1 hour 5 min flight. 30 Rials one way.  


  • Driving from United Arab Emirates: One can easily drive from Dubai or any other Emirate taking the northern road towards Ras al Khaimah, heading north to the border. Road is in excellent condition. An Omani visa costs AED 50 (Dirhams) for most nationalities and can be bought directly at the border.


  • Taxi from Ras al Khaimah: You can easily take a taxi from Ras al Khaimah to the border United Arab Emirates. There are no taxis on the other side. Many trucks pass this border daily, so ask the Omani police officer to get you a ride in one of these trucks hitchhiking all the way to Khasab. 36km taxi ride on the Emirate side costs 56 Dirhams. 


  • Cruise Ships: Cruise ships often dock at Khasab or anchor off the coast and tender ashore. They often offer shuttles from the port to the town (many stopping at the Fort on the way there and back).