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We coordinate the best tours for tourists who wish to travel and tour in Khasab, Musandam Peninsula, Oman
Experienced guides and tour operators let you enjoy the water along Khasab Musandam coastline.
Exotic holiday packages and fine services make Musandam Dhow Cruise a favourite among the travellers.
Dolphin Musandam Tours is known to provide the most affordable Khasab tours and travel packages.

Journey Of Dolphin Musandam Tours, Oman

Dolphin Musandam Tours coordinate tours for local and foreign tourists who wish to travel and tour in ‪‎Khasab‬, ‪‎Musandam‬ Peninsula, Oman. It has over 10 years of experience in providing Dhow Cruise, Camping on Beachside, Swimming and Snorkelling, Kayaking, Mountain Safari etc.

Khasab is an extraordinarily lovely place in the Arabian Peninsula. Fishing harbor, dhow cruise, Portuguese fort, Omani Dhow, Musandam Mountains, etc, are few famous attractions of this tour that are sure to make your experience an enthralling one. An excursion to this delightful and happy area is a must for families as it gives adequate activity time for all age gathers and also some staggering touring alternatives. Enjoy Khasab dhow Cruise on a traditionally decorated Omani dhow. An awesome photograph opportunity sits tight for you when the dolphins turn out to play and move around your wooden dhow. Musandam Khasab is genuinely the most ideal approach to be unified with the nature and all its delightful manifestations.

Enjoy a mesmerizing and unforgettable movement cruising along Khasab on the board of a traditionally decorated wooden boat known as Omani Dhow. On this boat you can relax stretch your body and give a feat to the eyes by capturing many striking scenes and enjoying the pleasure to be in water. On Khasab Dhow Cruise trip you can see many beautiful landscapes, villages and can see Straits of Hormuz. Apart from this you can have a buffet lunch with refreshments that will tickle your taste buds. This experience is a different and thrilling one and is mainly intended for romantic souls. So, do not miss Khasab Dhow Cruise tour in Oman.